Wednesday, November 9, 2011


An obese model lying seductively in a red bra and black lace panties has become the poster child for why a husband should cheat on his wife in ads slapped across the Internet this week.
"Does your wife scare you at night?" asks an ad for Ashley Madison, the dating site that promotes affairs outside marriage.

As a woman who has to fight her weight constantly, and who generally is losing the battle, this ad infuriates me. Who says obese people are not attractive or sexual? AshleyMadison, apparently. What a bunch of despicable human beings.

There are so many reasons I hate this ad. I'd hate it even if it didn't feature an overweight woman. And the model says she did not give permission for this image to be used in this fashion. She runs a website for men who love big women and thinks they are sexy. She's used to being adored and treated well, not being used as an object of derision.

This ad implies that if there's something you don't like about your partner, then it's perfectly alright to cheat on her. Maybe next they will say "If she spends too much money on groceries, have an affair!" Or maybe even "He leaves the seat up? Have an affair!" I'm thinking the people who run that website think any excuse for an affair is a good excuse.

The CEO says it's better to have an affair and keep the marriage together than to just leave. It is my opinion that he really thinks his wife would miss him if he left. I think not.

Here's the link to the ABC news article about it: