Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thought I'd let everyone know how life is going for me these days. Let's see, I'm working part time, and I'm enjoying it. I work in a department store and stand on my feet 5 hours a stretch....and I can DO it! No way I could have done this 3 yrs ago, and probably not even 1 yr ago. So I am still getting better! It has been a long road, but for the most part I have my life back.

I love interacting with the customers on my job. I felt so reclusive for so long, but now I love being around people. It's a miracle!

Not everything is peachy-keen, though. My headaches have returned recently, but they're not as bad as they used to be, so I'm thinking maybe this is just a sinus thing. I still have to try to balance things out - if I do too much (like recently when I painted for days on end), then I pay for it with fatigue and aches and pains for a few days. But I'm getting older, so maybe that's all that's about.

DH is still not working, but applied for a job yesterday that feels really promising. I have everything crossed!!! This would be ideal for him. Send prayers our way, wouldja?

We're still dealing with our grief over the loss of our son in law. I'm not sure we will ever get over that, actually. Still, there are good things: A daughter graduating from college in June, another was accepted into her nursing program, and our son is getting married and buying a house. So we have lots to look forward to.
Life goes on...