Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visit with the Kids and Aftermath of Lightning

I've been away from home all week, visiting my kids. A girlfriend and I drove down to the Detroit area to see our daughters, and then my daughter and I drove down to Indiana to visit my son and his family. It has been a good visit, I've enjoyed seeing my kids and grandkids, but I am about ready to get back home. Tomorrow my friend will meet me back here at my daughter's, and we will head north. It will take around 4 hours to get there.

I'm not sure I've mentioned this, but my grandchildren are all brilliant and gorgeous. :)

The hub called and told me there are 2 more holes in the house that he just found. One had a metal lawnchair leaned up against it on the deck, and I'm not sure where the other one is. So that's 4 holes in the house now. They aren't huge holes, but they do illustrate the power of electricity mixed with lightning! Also, the phone is out and he is waiting for Verizon to show up today. And it looks like the fireplace blower is shot. Sounds like we will be having work done for a while to get things back in order. Tomorrow the insurance adjustor arrives, and Hub says that he does not sound very helpful or even very bright. Here's the conversation he had with the guy:

Adjustor: Did the electrician check out everything you say is not working?
Hub: No
Adjustor: Why not?
Hub: Well, he was sort of busy trying to restore power to the house all day.
Adjustor: Then how do you know things aren't working?
Hub: Because they don't work.

This should be interesting! Sorry I am going to miss most of the interaction tomorrow.