Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is Over

We got through Christmas. It was pretty rough, but we got through. We thought that would be the hard part, but a therapist tells us that the hard part is still ahead of us...after the letdown from the holidays. At least we are prepared for it now.

On Christmas morning, imagine the surprise the girls got when they saw this:

They were all excited to see those bootprints on the hearth. We have a little secret about those prints, and maybe we will tell them one of these days. For now, I will let you all wonder. Let's just say their daddy was with us here in spirit.

Tuesday night my friend Mona called me crying. Her 28 yr old nephew had died, the result of a drug overdose. Another senseless tragedy in our little town.

I'm telling you, this is getting old.

I attended the funeral today and when I got up to leave, my legs would hardly hold me up. A few steps and I was ok, but it was weird. I also got a low cortisol headache and came home and took a nap. When I woke up, I went for 10 mg Cortef and in an hour the headache was gone. I think I should have guessed that I was low in cortisol the past few days, since I've had some digestive problems that go along with being AI. Anyway, I feel better now.

Oh - if things weren't hard enough, DH might be out of work again. We will find out Monday for sure. They are eliminating the second shift where he works, but he might get a job on days. We'll see. To be honest, I am not even really too upset over this development after what we've already been going through. I figure it will all work out one way or the other.

S and the girls moved out yesterday. The house is quiet again. We miss them already. And we worry about how reality will set in for our babies now that they are on their own as a family of three.

We had a major thaw with lots of dense fog today. The weather matched our mood! Tomorrow we are supposed to get a blizzard. I hope it settles down soon. I need to get outside and go snowshoeing. And we all really need some sunshine.

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